Silver Charm or Pendant

Cloud Conrad Sterling

$ 20.00 
1 - 5 characters / 3 - 8 characters / 4 - 12 characters

Sterling silver charms with camp "keywords" are a great gift idea! Wear them on a chain as a pendant or put them on a charm bracelet. Wear a pendant or two, or create a totally random or themed bracelet (your camp colors, favorite activities, tent numbers, etc.). Sample ideas are shown. Get creative and express yourself!

Each piece can fit 1 - 2 words, depending on size.

(NOTE: INCLUDE YOUR CUSTOM INSCRIPTION in the "Add note to your purchase" box at checkout. If ordering more than one, please specify which inscription is intended for each product. Clarity will help to expedite your order. Thank you!)

Shipping and handling fees will be an additional $7. All shipments sent via USPS Priority shipping.

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